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The CoViD-19 pandemic had the world by surprise two years ago—impacting lives to an extentunimaginable for many. However, what goes unnoticeable or unchecked is something that kept them sane throughout the entirety of the virus outbreak is "technology".

First, we discuss the CC or cloud computing systems that have contributed so much to work sadjustments. The pandemic has directed individuals into a sudden shift in the work environment—from eerily silent offices and cubicles to the comfortable confines of their Home. With this, the demand for cloud computing systems has been higher than ever. Remote accessibility and speedy file transfers are a must and are almost a requirement for everyonewho works at home. This also means that data being pumped into multiple networks have multiplied not ten, not a hundred, but thousand fold in a matter of only two years; which could forcibly make companies further their technology in terms of storage.

Well, one might ask "This is just about cloud storage, but, what about technology in general?" Technology's progress towards improvement, in general, in the pandemic did not come to a halt but experienced a major hitch on the road. With the restrictions imposed to prevent the further spread of the virus, mass production of different techs faced huge issues like difficulty in resource gathering and shortage of manpower. But, that did not stop upgrades to be put into tech. We have seen major releases with top-of-the-line technology, particularly in smartphones, laptops, and computer parts. Even the midrange phones industry thrived in the pandemic because it has been more on-demand and most of them are people who do not care that much about smartphones before the pandemic hit but needed to upgrade because their work oreducation system requires them to do so. If anything, the pandemic made society take a leapforward in 2 years in terms of tech.

Humanity's search for greatness will not come to an end as long as it is fueled with curiosity and the desire to change the world into a haven of convenience for each and every one. Technology's resilience, even in the forefront of a deadly disease, could attest to this.

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